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Walid Al Kurdi is the Owner of New Century Film Production Company in Egypt, the company was established in 2004 as a new production branch of Dollar Film, the oldest filmmaking company in the Arab world that was first founded in 1949. The company kicked off the Egyptian film market with The Seventh Sense “El Hasa El Sab3a” in 2005 introducing the young star Ahmed Mekky as a director on his first feature film long before his large success as an actor. The Seventh Sense was also the first film starring Ahmed El Fishawy. Similarly, New Century introduced scriptwriter Mohamed Diab and director Mohamed Gomaa through producing Real Dreams “Ahlam Ha2e2ya” in 2007, as well as film director Mohamed Hamdy through producing The Suspect “El Moshtabah” in 2009. The company also introduced Sameh Hussein in his first major acting role in February 30 which was released during the Adha celebration in 2012. February 30 also introduced Salah Al-Jahenny for the first time as a scriptwriter.
New Century achieved several accomplishments, it was through a number of social films such as Asmaa by director Amr Salama which received critical acclaim and reaped 19 awards in several regional and international film festivals. Asmaa also ranked number two on the IMDB rating list where more than 1000 users voted for the Egyptian film.
New Century also presented 678 which is written and directed by renowned scriptwriter Mohamed Diab and is his first venture at film directing. The film was a huge success during its first screening days before the revolution on both regional and global levels, and managed to earn over 2 $ million dollars in revenue in France. Asmaa was released in 124 theaters across France, and was attended by a massive audience of 120 thousand during the first two weeks of screening only. The film was also commercially screened in Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Portugal and Spain which set to draw international recognition for the Egyptian film in the European Market.
After the Battle “Ba3d El Mawke3a” is another film produced by New Century Production, and is written and directed by Yusri Nasralla which brought the Egyptian film back to compete in Cannes International Film Festival after fifteen years of absence. New Century collaborated with several major stars and reintroduced them in new roles such as Lebleba who played the major role in the family comedy Mickey’s Family together with several young talents in 2010. In 2011 the company reintroduced Mahmoud Yassin and Lobna Abdel Aziz to the screen in the comedy Film My Beloved Grandfather “Gedo Habibi” which starred Boshra.
There was a huge increase in the number of films produced by New Century throughout the years since the company’s establishment. From 2005 till 2010, the rate of productions was one film a year, then the number of productions was increased to six films a year. In 2012, New Century remained five films as the annual rate of film.
Dollar Film was established in 1949 as a film production company; however the first distribution was Shore of Memories in 1955. The company has been active since it was first established all through the twentieth century that witnessed many social changes until nowadays.
Dollar Film achievements have been praised by both critics and audiences. In addition the company collaborated with many of the Arab film industry major stars such as the duo Omar Sharif and Faten Hamama and built up a strong bond with the mega Egyptian star Farid Shawki, however it introduced the new comedy talent at that time Adel Emam early in his career as part of the company’s major philosophy of supporting new promising talents.
 Dollar Film produced many films based on novels by Naguib Mahfouz and Ihsan Abdel Quddous and also collaborated with prominent directors in Egypt such as Salah Abu Seif, Atef Salem, Henry Barakat and Hussein Kamal.
 In order to guarantee better distribution for films in the market, New Century has bought and distributed a number of film theatres across the Egyptian governorates namely:
Cairo| New Modern Cinema Shoubra (2 Screens)
Cairo| El Amir Cinema Shoubra (2 Screens)
Cairo| Odeon Cinema Downtown (3 Screens)
Ismailia| Donia Al Ismailia Cinema (1 Screen)
Domyat| Donia Domyat Cinema (2 Screens)
Al Qalyoubia| Donia Banha Cinema (3 Screens)
Suez| Donia Porto El Sokhna Cinema (2 Screens)
Theatres currently under construction:
Cairo| Porto New Cairo Cinema (3D theater)
Dakahlia| Donia Al Mansoura Cinema